Empowering Leadership Through Training

At LinkUs, we believe in the power of continuous learning and development to enhance leadership skills within our organization. We understand that investing in our employees not only benefits them individually but also strengthens our company as a whole. That’s why we prioritize attending musters, conferences, and workshops dedicated to honing leadership abilities.

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Our Journey of Growth

The Start
Embracing Extreme Ownership Principles
Transformative Impact

Over the years, LinkUs has actively participated in various events aimed at fostering leadership excellence. From vibrant conferences to hands-on workshops, we’ve seized every opportunity to empower our team members with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their roles.

At LinkUs, we are proud advocates of the Extreme Ownership principles pioneered by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Drawing inspiration from their bestselling book, “Extreme Ownership,” we’ve integrated these principles into our leadership philosophy. By taking full responsibility for our actions, fostering a culture of accountability, and empowering individuals at all levels, we’ve cultivated a dynamic and resilient organizational culture.

The collective learnings from these musters, conferences, and workshops have had a transformative impact on our company. Not only have they equipped our team members with the tools and techniques to lead with confidence and clarity, but they’ve also fueled our growth and success in the marketplace. By investing in continuous learning and development, we’ve positioned ourselves as industry leaders, poised for sustained excellence and innovation.

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“The women’s assembly helped me as a young leader in the workforce to find the balance & confidence I needed at home and at work.” – Alyssa Williams.

One of the pivotal events we attended was the Women’s Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona. This gathering provided a platform for our female leaders to network, gain insights, and exchange experiences with other professionals. By participating in discussions and workshops tailored to women in leadership, our team members not only enhanced their leadership skills but also contributed to fostering diversity and inclusion within our company. Women in leadership, women in the workforce, women at home, women as mothers, we have the power to do it all.

“The Orlando Muster taught me to look at leadership from many different angles. The importance of building relationships, having clear communication and explaining the “why” are just a couple of the big tools I was able to take away and apply.” – David Jensen.

Additionally, we’ve actively engaged in The Muster events held in Orlando Florida. Organized by renowned leadership experts at the Echelon Front, these conferences offered immersive experiences focused on leadership development and strategic thinking. Through keynote speeches, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, our team members gleaned invaluable insights and practical strategies to lead effectively in dynamic business environments.

Embracing the extreme ownership principles presented at Muster 13 in Dallas were pivotal to my leadership role with LinkUs. Those same principles that drove success on the battlefield, now drive my team to succeed every day.” – Devin Hutchins.

At The Muster, our team had the privilege of learning directly from the experts at Echelon Front, led by former Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Through engaging presentations, immersive workshops, and real-world case studies, our team members gained invaluable insights into effective leadership strategies, the importance of ownership, and the power of strategic decision-making.
From understanding the principles of Extreme Ownership to mastering the art of decentralized command, The Muster equipped our team with the tools and mindset needed to lead with clarity, purpose, and resilience. By embracing the lessons learned at The Muster, our team has elevated their leadership capabilities, driving positive change and tangible results within our organization..

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